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#58 Is There A Best Diet For PCOS? with Melissa Groves Azzaro

July 16, 2020

In episode 58 of the podcast, I had the honour of speaking with Melissa Groves Azzaro. Melissa always posts such great and real content about PCOS and diet on her Instagram, so I was so excited to have her on the podcast to talk about diet for PCOS because it is a very popular topic in the PCOS community. So in this episode, Melissa will be busting plenty of PCOS diet myths, providing us with some real research and ultimately answering the frequently asked question, 'is there a best diet for PCOS?'

Find out

  • Melissa's story and approach to treating PCOS [00:06:20]
  • Do you need to avoid gluten and dairy for PCOS? [00:13:50]
  • Should you avoid refined/simple carbs like white rice for PCOS? [00:22:28]
  • Should you follow intermittent fasting for PCOS? [0026:33]
  • How many grams of protein should you be eating [00:31:28]
  • Diet and nutrition tips to take care of the thyroid and the gut [00:37:27]
  • PCOS Power Foods [00:43:22]
  • Should you do seed-cycling? [00:46:26]
  • You don't have to strive for the perfect PCOS Diet [00:48:49]
  • Melissa's final piece of advice [00:51:40]


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